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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Today’s Sunday Upgrade features none other than Captain Kunlun himself and one of my all-time favorite players, Brandon Yip (@byipper). He was one of my first posts on this account, and when I saw this rare card (only 4 of them made! 🔥🔥🔥), I couldn’t pass it up! Be sure to read my prior post on his career at @bostonterriershockey, @coloradoavalanche, @predsnhl, @arizonacoyotes, and his current team, @krschina! Yipper is still captaining the Red Star and currently leading the team in goals and points! Not to mention he’s doing this while being affiliated with a company he helped establish, @torchpro! No doubt that Yipper will be captaining Team China at the 2022 Olympics! I’m hoping he gets the opportunity to carry the torch!

This post is dedicated to follower @wmaich, who’s a buddy and fan of @byipper!

Prior bio: Here’s another one of my fav players who I’ve been following since his college years, Yipper. Brandon Yip @byipper - 

1. Chinese Canadian player hailing from Maple Ridge, BC. 

2. Yipper played 4 years @bostonterriershockey, exploding with 20 goals and 23 assists in 45 games his senior year. 

3. He was drafted 239th overall in the 2004 Entry Draft by the @coloradoavalanche and enjoyed an impressive career playing for them and the @predsnhl. 

4. In 2017, he joined the @krschina and served as the team captain from 2018-2020; no doubt, we are going to see him in Beijing in 2022 for Team China. He also has some great stories about his China experience, which were shared during his appearance on @spittinchiclets. 

5. He’s currently playing for Jukurit in Finland and is a founder of the media company @torchpro. Clearly, aside from being a gritty heart and soul leader, he’s a smart guy with plenty of great things to come.

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Brandon Yip

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