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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Here’s another revision of one of my first posts, and it features a super rare card for legend Darcy Mitani @darcymitani - 

1. Darcy was a skilled, well rounded Japanese Canadian center from Dryden, Ontario. 

2. He starred for the @ushl Thunder Bay Flyers (recording over a point a game with 100 points in 2 seasons) before playing four years at the @uofnorthdakota. He scored 112 points over 4 seasons with the Fighting Sioux. 

3. After college, Darcy played a couple years in the @echlhockey with the @checkershockey and @wheelingnailers. He notched 41 points in 63 Coast games. 

4. Darcy then went to Asia to play in Japan and Korea for 15 years. In 2004-05, he led the Asia League in assists (44) and points (69). He also won two championships with the @cranes1949team in 2007 and 2009. 

5. At the time he retired from the Asia League in 2012, Darcy was the all-time leading scorer.

The backstory on this card is cool too. I couldn’t find any cards of Darcy. As a last ditch effort, I visited a UND message board and asked if anyone had one they were willing to sell. A user DM’d me, sent me one via mail, and refused payment.

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Darcy Mitani

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