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Asian Hockey Card Collection

This is a clean Stanley Cup upgrade for the great Chisun “Jim” Paek - 

1. Jim was the first Korean-born player to play in the @NHL. His family moved to Toronto from Seoul when he was 1 year old. Jim started playing hockey to follow his older brother’s footsteps and to make friends. 

2. His parents were supportive about hockey but also emphasized the importance of education. For instance, of the 107 @ohlofficial games he played, his mom attended 106 (a snowstorm prevented her from making 1 game). On the education front, his parents required him to maintain his grades in school while playing hockey. Even when Jim signed his first pro contract, his dad required the @penguins to cover 4 years of tuition and books so that Jim would have the guarantee of a proper college education. 

3. Jim’s first NHL goal came on a big night; he scored (with an assist from the great @mariolemieuxfdn) in Game 6 of the 1990-91 Stanley Cup Finals against the Minnesota North Stars, the final game of the series, and he became the first player of Asian descent to raise the Stanley Cup (pas depicted with this card). He would win a second Cup with the Pens the following season. 

4. Jim’s NHL career had him manning the bluelines for the Pens, @lakings, and @senators. Over 217 games, he recorded 34 points. His Penguins sweater is enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

5. After 16 seasons of professional hockey, Jim transitioned to coaching, and he is now the head coach of the South Korean national team and Director of Hockey for the Korea Ice Hockey Association. South Korea’s ascent on the world stage is largely attributed to his efforts. Jim’s accomplishments are inspirational for all Asian kids, especially immigrants, in showing that it’s possible to play at the highest level with hard work, dedication, and family support.

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Jim Paek

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