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Asian Hockey Card Collection

This an upgrade for one of my childhood heroes, Richard Park (🇰🇷🇺🇸). At first glimpse, there may be nothing super special about this vintage @topps refractor card, but I love it for a couple reasons.

First, it lists his and my beautiful hometown of @ranchopalosverdescity. While there are numerous players hailing from Southern California, Richard has been the only @nhl player from our hometown thus far, although several former and current players will sometimes move in or around the area with their families. Richard’s son, @parksys_p, who was previously featured, also grew up here.

Second, like my post of @ritchwong, I love the Asian flow. I had the same faded, slicked back hair in the late 90s when I was in high school. The only evidence I have on my phone is a photo with a similar do while playing for @uclahockey with former captain @jcambo9. Yes, I know we are standing outside of the women’s restroom at the Eugene Airport, and there’s an inside joke about that one!

PS : If you check out my Story post, I’m playing @fareastmovement. I also played hockey with one of the members, @kevnishfm, when we were in high school together.

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Richard Park (Upgrade)

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