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Asian Hockey Card Collection

This is one of the most unique cards in that it’s quite possibly the worst action photo on the front, but it has the best 2000s Asian flow on the back! Ricky Wong @ritchwong - 

1. Ricky was a Chinese Canadian forward from Grande Prairie, Alberta. 

2. While his hockey career was relatively short lived, he played for his hometown @gpstorm of the @officialajhl. 

3. He was a recipient of the Grande Prairie “Stay in School” Scholarship, which he used to further his education and pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. 

4. While he scored 31 points over four seasons with the Storm, he was also active in the community during his tenure, as he volunteered in reading and lunch programs at elementary schools. He also organized a fundraiser to purchase specialized equipment for a local hospital. 

5. Ricky has fulfilled his career ambition and is now a practicing lawyer in Edmonton. He continues to help others by volunteering as a Civil Claims Duty Counsel for the local community.

As an aside, given I’m a lawyer, I love seeing other API hockey players enter the legal field after their careers. Ricky is the second featured player practicing law (Austin Lee was the first), and don’t forget Calder candidate @jasonrob19 has said he would have chosen law as an alternate occupation if hockey didn’t work out!

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Ricky Wong

Use The Search Bar To Find A Card For A Specific Player

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