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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Following my popular post about @juliechu1321, here’s another trailblazing player of Asian descent, this time from North of the border: Vicky Sunohara, who was a champion at all levels and often referred to as the “Wayne Gretzky of women’s hockey” @sunoharavicky - 

1. Vicky is a Japanese Canadian hailing from Scarborough, Ontario. 

2. Her father, a former college hockey player, built a backyard rink and taught her to skate at 2.5 years. By 5, she was playing in boys’ leagues but was banned because of her gender. She continued to play hockey in girls’ leagues thereafter. 

3. Vicky received a full scholarship to @gonuwhockey, where she led the Huskies in scoring twice, captured ECAC Rookie of the Year honors, and an ECAC championship. Over her two years, she accumulated 122 points in 45 games. She went on to play at the @uoft, where she won two more championships and another Rookie of the Year award. 

4. She also had a phenomenal international career for Team Canada, winning 15 gold medals and 3 silver medals.

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Vicky Sunohara

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