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Asian Hockey Card Collection

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted; content has been a little scarce, but there will be some big posts in the future! This is an autographed upgrade for a slick sniper and cool guy, Greg Squires @gsqui26  - 

1. Greg was a high IQ, offensive Chinese American forward from White Plains, New York. 

2. He was a standout teenager, having played with the @usntdp and in the @ushl for the @indiana_ice_hockey, where he scored 102 points in 110 games. 

3. Greg went on to play for the @wmu_hockey, where he scored 100 points over 4 seasons and won an @ncaaicehockey championship in 2011-12. 

4. He went undrafted and played 4 seasons of pro in Germany and Sweden, before signing with @krschina as a heritage player in 2017. Through 2 seasons with the Red Star, he scored 21 points in 59 @khl games. 

5. After spending the 2019-20 season playing pro in Austria, Finland, and Switzerland, Greg took a year off during the pandemic. However, he made a comeback in the 2021-22 season serving as a veteran pro for the Red Star, where he notched 3 points in 27 games. He finished off his hockey career in Sweden suiting up for @sodertalje_sk, where he tallied 2 points in 9 games. Greg has since retired and is focused on spending time with his beautiful family and working in the orthopedic industry.

Thanks for the personalized autograph, Squires! Now I can’t cash it out on @ebay 😂😂😂!

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Greg Squires (Upgrade)

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