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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Linuo Wang - 

1. Linuo was a Chinese forward from Harbin. 

2. Over her 11-year career, Linuo was a fixture on the Chinese women’s national teams. 

3. In 2007, along with Shi Yao (who was previously featured), Linuo was 1 of 6 Chinese players who trained in Canada with teams from the now defunct WWHL. The purpose of this exchange was to grow women’s hockey in China, as there were only around 100 female players. As Linuo remarked at the time, “Even though we play at a higher level than the men, it is still tough to get women to support the women’s game. People in China think it is too physical and too rough for girls.” 

4. In the 2010 Olympics, Linuo captained Team China. Her stated goal was: “We’ll fight for a good performance. We’ll make ice hockey hot in China.” 

5. Linuo retired after the Olympics, but she will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of Chinese women’s hockey who set the stage for the growth of the game and the eventual birth of the @kunlunredstar.

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Linuo Wang

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