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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Manny Malhotra - 

1. Manny was a hard working, responsible center and the second player of Indian descent to play in the NHL. He grew up in Mississauga. 

2. After starring for the Mississauga Reps, he was drafted 17th overall in the first round of the @ohl_hockey draft. He played with the @guelph_storm_ohl from 1996-1997, eventually becoming team captain and leading the team to the 1998 Memorial Cup finals before losing to the @winterhawks by just one goal in overtime. That same year, he was named the OHL Scholastic Player of the Year. 

3. Manny was drafted 7th overall by the @nyrangers in the 1998 @nhl Entry Draft. He began his pro career immediately, putting up 16 points in 73 games in his rookie season (1998-1999). Wayne Gretzky requested a locker room stall next to Manny so that he could mentor the rookie. 

4. Manny went on to enjoy an 18-year pro career that included seasons with the @dallasstars, @bluejacketsnhl, @sanjosesharks, @canes, @canucks, and @canadiensmtl. His career appeared to be in danger on March 26, 2011, when Manny was hit by a puck in his left eye while playing for the Canucks and lost most of his vision. After two surgeries and despite being told by his GM that it wasn’t safe to play (resulting in Manny being placed on injured reserve for most of the time), Manny returned to The Show in November 2013 with the Canes. 

5. Manny retired in 2016 and transitioned to coaching. He is currently a respected assistant coach with the @mapleleafs.

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Manny Malhotra

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