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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Today’s autographed upgrade is from follower Partik Bhungal @pbhungz - 

1. Partik was a big, tough, and fearless Indo Canadian power forward from Langley, BC. 

2. He began his junior career in the @kijhlhockey with the @revelstoke_grizzlies in 2003-04, where he scored 8 points in 42 games while racking up 187 PIMs. 

3. In 2005-06, he played for the @bchlkings of the @bchockeyleague, notching 5 points in 60 games while recording 172 PIMs. 

4. From 2006-09, Partik played for the Chilliwack Bruins of the @westernhockeyleague. He only scored 9 points in 158 games, but he accumulated 253 PIMs. There are a few videos of his fights on @youtube, where Partik goes toe to toe with @milan.lucic.17, Garet Hunt (a previously featured Chinese Canadian enforcer), and @lettsryanvii (Japanese American tough guy from So Cal who was also featured). 

5. Partik enrolled in the @uofreginaofficial in 2009. He played 66 games over the course of his college career and recorded 7 points and 66 PIMs. He is now back in Richmond, where he is raising a young family.

Also, Partik was kind enough to send a note of support for the account. These things mean the world to me! Thanks buddy!

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Partik Bhungal

Use The Search Bar To Find A Card For A Specific Player

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