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Asian Hockey Card Collection

Here’s a nice upgrade for Sunday featuring an icon of Canadian Women’s hockey, Susana Yuen @susieyuen32. Susana was sweet enough to sign this card and return it. - 

1. Susana was the daughter of Chinese immigrants who owned a restaurant in Winnipeg. She began skating at 8 and played ringette. 

2. As a freshman at the @umanitoba, Susie was encouraged to try out for the women’s hockey club team. She had never played a contact sport and didn’t even own shoulder pads, but her high energy and elite skating ability made her a leader on the team (despite being only 4’10). She still had to pay $50 to join the team! 

3. Susie was selected for the Canadian women’s team to compete in the first @iihfhockey World Women’s Championships in 1990. There, she was praised for her gritty play, and her 12 points was tied for second among Canadians and placed her sixth among all skaters in the tournament. She was instrumental in leading the Canadians to their historic Gold medal. 

4. In the mid-1990s, Susie visited China and and invited the Chinese National Women’s team to scrimmage her club team. The Chinese team traveled to Winnipeg to train and play exhibition games against her team. She was later invited to China to train and coach the National Women’s team. 

5. Susie was inducted into the Manitoba Hall of Fame in 2019. Her niece, @eastynn_, was a forward for @unionwhockey from 2013-2017. Thanks to follower @nicoleyuenn_ for arranging the beautiful autograph!

As another fun fact, it was Susie who taught another featured player, Guan Wang (@6uanwan9 🇨🇳), how to take a slap shot when the latter was learning to play hockey! Hockey is such a small world!

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Susana Yuen

Use The Search Bar To Find A Card For A Specific Player

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